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He could be Mr. Right... but is he Mr. Ready?

by Cristina Conti, Matchmaker

So you have set aside time for love. Welcome to the world of dating! During these past few weeks, you have gotten your feet wet a little, encountering different people amidst a busy schedule. You may have made some connections and started to learn that your heart is tender, and your time is precious. Now is the time for discernment, the time to evaluate who you are spending time with and the qualifications for them to earn this time with you. You start to realize that rather than the amount of dates, it’s the caliber of people you date that will lead you to love. Now is the time to realize trends of those whom you date.· Do they make plans with you in advance and follow through?o Making plans and a person’s reliability show that he values you and is making an effort to prioritize you in his life. · Are they providing for themselves financially?o A person needs to care for himself before he can contribute healthfully to a relationship.· Do they make time for the people who matter to them and the activities that they enjoy?o A person who fills his life with loved ones and special hobbies shows his readiness for a deep relationship. These, among others, are the qualities that we search for in the Daters for our Bachelorettes and Bachelors. These are the people who are ready for love. However, these people are rare, it could take years to find even one. With our Recruitment Associates, we tirelessly search and find them. Join the club and meet them. To book a complimentary consultation, email me at Love your Matchmaker,Cristina

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