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Jewish Matchmaking

We specialize in matchmaking for successful Jewish professionals. 


Matchmaking and Jewish culture go hand and hand, and have been parallel for centuries.  At Matchmakers In The City, we specialize in matchmaking successful Jewish single men and women primarily in Los Angeles, with other service areas in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. From Jewish singles who identify as being more "culturally" Jew-'ish', to Jewish singles who are Conservative, we have a proven success rate with Jewish singles who are successful, smart, and ready to find their 'bashert' once and for all!


The Jewish singles who we matchmake have come to the point in their lives where they are genuinely ready to fall in love. Common professions of the men and women who we work with include Venture Capitalists, Physicians, Attorneys, Engineers, Surgeons, Entrepreneurs, and Jewish leaders in technology, entertainment, finance, investment, and real estate.

A lot of Jewish singles who we have worked with in the past have worn out their social circles and come to us feeling as though they have already dated every Jewish man or woman in their area.  But, as professional Matchmakers we are not only connected within the Jewish communities in Los Angeles and New York City, we have strategic partners within a variety of professional Jewish organizations and charities. A number of our Matchmakers on staff are a part of 'the tribe', and we also partner with other top Jewish Matchmakers in our service areas, so our database of Jewish singles extends beyond our firm.

We are able to introduce our Jewish Bachelors and Bachelorettes to other Jewish men and women who are in different yet incredibly similar social circles who are having the same problem: they can’t seem to find their person. Some Jewish men and women who we work with feel as though they have exhausted online or app dating, where they feel as though they are wasting time, matching with people who are presenting themselves differently than how they actually are in person, and as though there is no vetting of their potential match's personality. Our members are not just looking for a Jewish man or a Jewish woman... they want to find a Jewish partner who shares their values, goals for the future, and ultimately a fun-loving partner to explore the world with. Sharing a similar culture makes things a whole lot easier, because other single Jewish men and women generally share the same core values, and when matchmaking, we see that these qualities are the building blocks for a successful relationship.

The Jewish tradition of matchmaking has been happening for centuries, and we put a modern twist the classic “Yenta” stereotype (even though we can sometimes feel like our Clients Jewish grandmothers!). When you begin a Priority Membership with us, you work with our team of personal Matchmakers who have had an extensive background in matchmaking Jewish singles. Our Matchmakers are not only highly educated by the top universities including New York University and Oxford University, but they come from previous careers in Executive Recruiting and Psychology to name a few. Most importantly, each Matchmaker has always been the social butterfly and connector within her communities; the go-to Matchmaker. Our Matchmakers feel as though their purpose in life is to introduce our Clients to their soul-mates... their 'bashert', the person who was made for them.  Get started for free today. 

"We had both been on J-Swipe, J-Date, J-everything, and honestly we were burnt out by dating and the apps. I would have never thought to hire a Matchmaker, but my mom sat me down and told me she thought it was a good idea, so I asked a few buddies, and it led me to Aly, who then introduced me to my Matchmaker. I'm so glad I worked with MITC. They got me: I wasn't JUST looking for a Jewish girl, I was looking for MY girl. Jessica was my fifth match (we did an ice skating date- thanks for planning it, Amy), and when we were laughing so hard that she face-planted on the ice, I just knew... that was MY girl.  Thanks again." - Jason*

I was a single, successful, professional Jewish woman living in Los Angeles about to turn 30. I went on more dates than I can count, and met a ton of guys from the apps, but it wasn't happening for me. I realized I needed to do something different because (the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!). I researched every matchmaker in LA, and landed on MITC. I asked a few friends, and they actually knew one of the Matchmakers. Long story short, it was everything I needed. The coaching was great (Mark is a life-changer), and my matches all made sense, even if they weren't for me, they were obviously serious. I finally met Ben, and I probably wouldn't have given him a second date, but my Matchmaker encouraged me to... 8 months later, we're engaged! Thank you for all that you do. -Jessica*

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