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Top Matchmakers.  Celebrity Date Coaches.

A love-life changing experience.

Matchmaker in LA

Membership Options

-$200 minimum-
Consultation with a member of our team

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Matchmakers In The City offers two forms of Membership: 

Basic Membership

-$200 for one year- 

With a Basic Bachelors or Bachelorettes In The City Membership, you are entering into our private and confidential Database so that we can potentially match you with one of our Priority Members.  

What you're getting: you will first meet with one of our Matchmakers for your initial Consultation to see if Basic Membership is the right fit. You will then complete your Basic Member Interview.  In your extensive interview, we will learn more about you and what you are looking for in a partner.  Once submitted, our team then runs a confidential Background Check, Social Media Check, and Sex Offender search on you, and if all goes well, you are then approved to enter into our private database that only our Matchmakers can access. With this passive membership, there is no guarantee that you will be matched, but you are eligible to be matched with one of our Priority Members for one year.  For a more personal interview and greater likelihood of being matched, we recommend doing a Matchmaker Interview with one of our Matchmakers, which is an additional $200.

Priority Membership

-Memberships begin at $10,000- 

When you become a Priority Member, you are getting the full personal matchmaking experience with Matchmakers In The City.  Depending on the priority level that you choose, you will be introduced to a number of Bachelors or Bachelorettes who you are compatible with.  These matches have been specifically vetted and selected for you based on what you are looking for and what the Matchmakers believe would be a strong match for you.  


What you’re getting: after a comprehensive Best Match Interview and Personality Assessment with your Matchmaker, we hand-pick, interview, background check, and social media check the most eligible Bachelorettes or Bachelors in your area who fit the criteria that we have established with you.  After we have selected our top matches for you based on our compatibility analysis, our staff plans every element of your dates, so all that you have to worry about is showing up and seeing if there is a connection.  After each date that we set you up on, you meet one-on-one with one of your Matchmakers to discuss.  We’re with you the entire way through, making sure that we are taking your feedback into consideration as you continue to meet eligible matches.  Matchmaking Priority Membership payment plans begin at $10,000 based on your city and membership preferences.  All membership options and specifics are discussed during your meeting with a member of our team and are invitation only.

Private Date & Relationship Coaching

Matchmaker in LA

-$950 to $1050-
Pack of 5 Date Coaching Sessions

-$200 to $300-
1 Date Coaching Session

Are you feeling frustrated with your love life?  Do you keep attracting the same kinds of men or women who are constantly not up to your standards?  Have you been on countless first dates that don’t lead anywhere?  Are you wondering if the man or woman who you are seeing is actually interested in you?  Do you want to learn how to meet more quality men or women in real life?  Are you ready to delete your dating apps once and for all?  Or do you want help crafting your perfect online dating profile that will attract the right types of matches?


Work with the Matchmakers of Matchmakers In The City, who help you take the mystery out of finding and developing meaningful relationships.  Our Matchmakers work with Clientele looking to finally understand what is going wrong within their love lives… and how to fix it.


The Matchmakers have helped thousands of successful men and women transform their love lives through Date & Relationship Coaching by focusing on sustainable change.  If a person who yearns to be in a relationship is single, they have developed ineffective habits that must be tweaked.  The Matchmakers work in one-on-one, private sessions to give Bachelors and Bachelorettes all of the tools that they need in their journey from finding “the One” to building a long-term, successful relationship. All Coaching Sessions are private, confidential, and personalized to target a Client’s past problem areas and develop a plan of action for future relationship success.

How It Works

top Matchmakers in Los Angeles
Matchmaker in Beverly Hills
Matchmaker in Los Angeles
Top Matchmaker
Celebrity Matchmaker
Top Matchmaker in LA

Step 1:  Sign up for free.


Fill out your free profile online for our eyes only.  Each profile is 100% confidential with no public online profiles.  Our team personally reviews each profile within 48 business hours.  It only takes 2-minutes... what do you have to lose?

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Matchmaker to the stars
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Step 2: Meet a Matchmaker.


We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a consultation with you and a member from our team.  During your meeting, we will learn more about you, what you are looking for, and go through the different options of membership with us.  

Best Matchmaker in LA
LA Matchmaker
Matchmaker in Beverly Hills
Top Matchmakers in Beverly Hills

Step 3: Begin your experience.


After a full Best Match Interview and Personality Assessment, love-life-changing Date Coaching with the Matchmakers, and sessions with our Experts, you will be ready to meet your matches!  Just give us your schedule, and we do the rest.  We hand-pick, interview, background check, and social media check the most eligible Bachelorettes or Bachelors in your area.  After we have selected our top matches for you, we plan every element of your dates.  It's the way falling in love should be: seamless and romantic.    

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Matchmaker in LA
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