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Jewish Matchmaker
Matchmaker in Los Angeles
matchmaker in LA
Hollywood matchmaker, top matchmaking company, LA Matcmaker, NYC Matchmaker, Beverly Hills Matchmaker
Hollywood matchmaker, top matchmaking company, LA Matcmaker, NYC Matchmaker, Beverly Hills Matchmaker
Matchmaker in Beverly Hills

Meet Our Founders: Sisters & Celebrity Matchmakers

Known for matchmaking the “who’s who” of Hollywood, sisters Alessandra Conti and Cristina Conti Pineda founded the firm 11 years ago in the heart of Beverly Hills, and now work alongside the team of 7 top Matchmakers in Los Angeles. Dubbed by Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker, as "the new generation of Matchmakers,” the sisters have been featured on Forbes, CBS, The New York Times, NBC, Bravo, The CW, Fox News, and more. For press inquiries, please contact

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Alessandra Conti

Celebrity Matchmaker & Media Personality

One of the most sought after Matchmakers and Dating Coaches in Beverly Hills, Alessandra Conti specializes in high-profile, celebrity matches, and has been the personal Matchmaker to A-listers, royalty, and a number of public figures.  Conti is a Matchmaker behind two seasons of MTV's Are You The One, and is a frequent media guest. Conti is the Matchmaker on Season 13 of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the go-to Celebrity Matchmaker for NBC's Access Hollywood, was the Matchmaker on Vivica A. Fox's former show on CBS, Face The Truth, The CW, and Fox News among others. A regular media personality and contributor, Conti has been featured on Fox News, Elite Daily, Forbes, and more. With 11+ years of professional Matchmaking experience, Alessandra has worked with thousands of single men and women and is versed in the fields of interpersonal relationships, body language, and lie detection. A former member of the Forbes Business Council and a Matchmaking Institute Certified Matchmaker, Alessandra has been recognized as one of the top influencers in the Matchmaking field. Alessandra previously had residences in London, New York City, and Washington, D.C., and now calls Los Angeles home. For more, visit, and keep up with her on Instagram at @matchmakeralessandraconti.

Cristina (Conti) Pineda

Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Expert

Cristina (Conti) Pineda is Co-Founder and Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City.  A frequent media guest, Pineda speaks on panels and gives talks about dating and relationships.  Pineda is regularly featured on Relevant Radio's Trending With Timmerie, on major entertainment networks like NBC, CBS, MTV, and the CW, and in news outlets such as Forbes and The Huffington Post.  Pineda has published multiple feature articles on Elite Daily,, and Entity Magazine among others.  A former beauty pageant competitor, Pineda perfected the arts of beauty, fashion, makeup, and presentation.  Pineda holds a master’s degree from Oxford University and an Executive Matchmaker Certification from the Matchmaking Institute.  Lauded by Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker, as "the new generation of Matchmakers," Pineda has nearly 11 years of professional matchmaking experience, and has worked with professionals, CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and royals on their journey to finding love.  Cristina was introduced to her husband by her sister and co-founder, Alessandra, and got married herself in April 2017.  They welcomed their first baby boy in October of 2020 and their second in February of 2023. For more, visit and connect with her on Instagram @matchmakercristinapineda.

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Meet Our Matchmakers

The team of Matchmakers are the top Matchmakers and Dating Experts in the industry, a majority of whom are coming to MITC from other Matchmaking firms, which yields the best matches and dating advice for our Clients.  They are are trained in communications, psychology, recruitment, and more, and are educated by top universities including Oxford University, New York University, and more. 

Matchmakers In The City is certified by the Matchmaking Institute through the New York Department of Education.  Each Matchmaker works regularly with business CEOs, industry leaders, celebrities, and professionals looking for love.  

For press inquiries, please contact

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Our Matchmakers

At Matchmakers In The City, our Priority Members work with our elite team of top Matchmakers who are acknowledged leaders in the industry.

Our Los Angeles based Matchmakers have a rich blend of expertise, experience, and intuition, allowing them to create meaningful connections for our clients. Each matchmaker on our team is committed to understanding the unique needs and preferences of our clients, and they make use of our proprietary algorithms and extensive network to find the perfect match.

With a deep understanding of human relations, interpersonal psychology, and a keen eye for compatibility, our Matchmakers go beyond the superficial to find matches that resonate on a deeper level. They are dedicated, passionate, and tirelessly work to provide the best service to our clients, ensuring a fulfilling and successful matchmaking experience.

Want to be matched by our team of Matchmakers?

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Jaydi S.


After successfully matchmaking a number of high-profile colleagues in the entertainment industry, Jaydi founded a boutique matchmaking and dating coaching business in 2014 where she helped introduce many couples who went on to become engaged or married. She then joined the esteemed team of Matchmakers at MITC. When she is not matchmaking, she is a working TV writer with credits on shows like Family Guy and Salem. Given her background and understanding of the unique needs in that field, she specializes in working with clients in the entertainment industry. She met her own husband Dave, who works on the unscripted side of the business, when he was referred to her as a client. For the first time ever, Jaydi "got high on her own supply" and asked him out on a date. The rest, as they say, is movie magic. She applies that same gut instinct when introducing others, and her absolute favorite clients to work with are ones like her husband, who are essentially the whole package but maybe just need a little nudge in the right direction. She and Dave reside in LA with their adorable and neurotic dog and new baby!


Jenny B.

Matchmaker & Date Coach

Master of Science (M.S.), Counseling 

Jenny is a seasoned and empathetic Matchmaker and Date Coach with a Master of Science degree in Counseling. With over a decade of experience in the field, Jenny brings a wealth of expertise to her work, specializing in coaching, matchmaking, event planning, and counseling.

Married and the proud parent of a beautiful baby girl, Jenny's personal journey has deepened her understanding of the intricacies of relationships and the importance of genuine connection. Her holistic approach to matchmaking and coaching combines empathy, intuition, and an understanding of human behavior.

Drawing on her background in counseling and her passion for helping others, Jenny has successfully guided countless individuals on their journey to finding love and fulfillment. Through personalized coaching sessions, carefully curated events, and meticulous matchmaking, Jenny empowers her clients to navigate the complexities of modern dating with confidence and authenticity.

Clients trust in her unwavering commitment to their happiness and well-being. Whether our members are seeking guidance in navigating the dating scene or longing for a meaningful connection, Jenny is dedicated to supporting them every step of the way.

Carina E.


Having introduced her first couple whilst still in college, Carina assured the success of the couple by wing-womaning their first date! 18 years and 4 children later, they are still going strong. A Canadian expat with a B.F.A, Carina spent a decade working in I.P. Development for clients like Shell Oil and Mandalay Entertainment before utilizing her unique skillset in the Matchmaking industry.

A natural connector with a strong instinct for

who ‘is meant to meet,’ she developed a diverse, international network of friends and colleagues, using her skills to help some fall in love and others to found successful business partnerships. After the 6th marriage between people she had introduced, friends and acquaintances began asking her for help in their own love lives. Turning her natural gift into a professional calling in 2015, Carina has since married her experience as a Matchmaker with a

lifelong devotion to self-development and spirituality, traveling the world to study love in other cultures. Passionate about sharing her unique, practical expertise as both a Dating Coach and Matchmaker, Carina is committed to helping each client find the happiness, peace, and loving connection she longed for and found with her own husband. In addition to love, meditation, road-trips, hot springs, canoeing, pow-wows, and sushi are a few of her favorite things. 

Anthony C.

Director of Membership & Matchmaker

Anthony is the Director of Membership and a Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City. Anthony has worked with hundreds of Clients through Date Coaching, Date Planning, and membership management and coordination over his 4 years at MITC. As Director of Membership, Anthony directs, oversees, and distributes information and activities to current members as well as prospective bachelors and bachelorettes. With his first successful match at 16 years old, Anthony has connected more than 1500+ professional singles; Anthony has planned more than 500+ dates, with many successful love stories, and number of engagements and marriages under his belt. Being the lone man of the MITC team, Anthony brings a psychology-based approach when it comes to coaching Clients. His Marriage and Family Therapy schooling translates directly into his coaching sessions; whether he is bringing insight about Attachment Styles, the science behind the inner-workings of the male mind, or helping Bachelorettes to process the emotional journey of their dating experience. Anthony brings empathy, love, and compassion to the members he works with each day.

Daliya K.

Matchmaker & Date Coach

Daliya is a Dating Coach and Matchmaker at Matchmakers in the City. Daliya has been on the team at MITC for 8 years as the go-to Dating Coach and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Daliya has also toured the country with her love advice, coaching her audience members through their romantic obstacles and queries. Daliya’s years as a performer and writer make her an expert in finding the joy in dating, and that is her goal for all of her clients. Her clients love her for being intuitive and encouraging and giving them the confidence to move forward with exploring the dating world and validating their decisions and feelings around it.  When she is not helping people find love through joy, Daliya can be found baking, cooking, dancing, and eating with any and all of her favorite people; namely her husband and toddler!

Matchmaker Daliya_edited.jpg

Joan J.

Matchmaking Consultant & Advisor

Joan is the mother of our co-founders and Matchmakers Cristina Pineda and Alessandra Conti, and has acted as Advisor on the Board of Directors for nearly 11 years, elegantly rounding out the company as a flourishing family business.  Having previously served as a "behind-the-scenes" member of the team, Joan is now excited to be a part of daily operations working with the Matchmakers, the Experts, and our Members. A teacher of Romance Languages for 30+ years, Joan earned a triple major as Valedictorian of her college class for a B.A. in Italian/French/Education and an M.A. in Italian Literature.  Her passion for the Italian and French language and culture motivated her to travel throughout western Europe where she became fascinated by the diverse societal customs, including courtship and relationship repartee.  She has continued to examine dating and marriage mores worldwide.

Joan has worked for multiple international organizations including Rizzoli Editore, La Scuola d’Italia, The Italian Line, Olivetti, Agip Petroleum, J. Aron (a division of Goldman Sachs), and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (the national bank of Italy). Happily married, she lends her valuable international, linguistic expertise and worldwide relationship insight and savvy to Matchmakers In The City. 

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