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Reviews & Testimonials

Over the past nearly 12 years, our team has been responsible for hundreds of marriages, engagements, and even multiple babies.  We are honored to have worked with some of the most successful, kind, and inspiring members over the years, and are so proud of our many successes. See what some of our past and current members are saying about their experience with us.

Dating in LA is insane, and I am so glad that I was referred to the Matchmakers through a friend who had a great experience with the Matchmakers.  Everything was really personal and old school... they planned all of my dates, and the women are hot and successful in their own right... no gold diggers finally! - John*, 39, Doctor

My experience with MITC has been truly life-changing.  I felt like I was The Bachelorette... only without the cameras!  I met an amazing man and am excited to explore my relationship with him.  Thank you, Ladies!- Rachel*, 35, Publicist

2021 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Rachel is married, and expecting her first baby with her match any day now!

I used, Jdate, eHarmony... every possible dating site, but the problem was that there was no filtration system with those men. Before working with Matchmakers In The City, I was selling myself short even though I knew that I deserved better.  Family pressure, my biological clock, and a great referral from a friend led me to the matchmakers. The Matchmakers made sure that they knew all of my preferences (education, professional, personality type, etc.) and worked with me to ensure that each match was thoughtful and held a lot of potential. I ended up having a few strong connections, but ultimately met an amazing man who I am now in a happy relationship with!  Much thanks to the experts (especially Mark, my Body Language Expert), and of course, the Matchmakers.

-Jen*, 42, Fashion Industry

2021 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Jen and her match are now officially married and moved to London!  They are enjoying being newlyweds, and have adopted 2 fur-babies!

The Matchmakers are great.  I felt comfortable telling them what I was looking for and they found me (as cliche as it sounds) the love of my life.  She completes my life.  I liked the program because it was personal and professional.  I feel silly writing one of these but I am happy to because I am in love and have never been happier, and it is because of MITC.  Thanks again guys.

-Luke*, 52, Attorney

2021 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Luke and his match are now married!  Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

I'm a busy guy, so every minute of my day counts. All of my dates were planned so I didn't have to book anything: attractive women who were on the same page as me who had been background checked.  I'm now seriously dating one of the women I met during my membership.
-Adam*, 32, Agent

2022 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Adam is now married! (They had to postpone their 2021 wedding to 2022 due to COVID).

I had been online dating for 10 years, and I hated it.  I saw the same people after all of these
years and had just stopped dating.  I knew that I had to do something different, so I looked
around online, interviewed with a few different Matchmakers and really got along with Aly.  I
felt like they would introduce me to a different caliber of men; I am an Attorney and prefer to
date professionals.  I am happy to report that it worked for me.  It took me to my 6th date to
meet a man who I connected with.  I liked my other dates, but when I met John* I think that
we both knew that something different was there for us.  He is another attorney so we have
a lot in common (even though he went to my rival college, I still love him- Go Bruins!).  We
have been dating for a year, and I referred a few of my friends over.  It's great to say that we
got set up instead of meeting online. 
Hope this is ok, Aly! :)
-Jessica*, 38, Entertainment Attorney
2021 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Jessica and her match are ENGAGED! Congratulations!

I have been matched with quality, gorgeous women who are looking for the same thing that I am.  I am on my fourth Date and am closer to my partner-in-crime. Thanks for everything.

-Justin*, 28, Lawyer

I was the biggest sceptic when I started my membership.  I had dated probably upwards of 300 men in New York City, and was honestly ready to move.  I did a membership as a last-ditch effort.  I learned a lot that really changed the way that I was dating, and I actually learned to have fun when I was meeting men for dates (what a concept!).  I did an Elite Membership, and met my now husband after a few other matches.  My first few matches weren't the one, and I got a bit discouraged, but thanks to the Date Coaching calls after each date, I was talked off the ledge, gave my feedback, and was excited to meet my next match.  It does work, and can work, but it definitely takes an open mind and an open heart (something that I learned kicking and screaming, but I learned it!). Thanks again to the Matchmakers for helping me throughout the whole experience. 

-Julie*, 34, Healthcare

I'm from the East Coast and when I came to L.A. I was shocked at how many of the men that I kept meeting were struggling actors/models/bar tenders.  I figured I had nothing to lose so I began my Priority Membership nervously but was so impressed by the successful, cultured men that the ladies set me up with... I kept asking them, "where did you find these guys!?!"  I always felt like the Matchmakers were old girlfriends of mine from back home and really had my best interest at heart even though I can be a little picky!  I am with a great guy now and caught him googling engagement rings!  I cannot thank them enough.  -Crystal*, 40, Real Estate

I had never even thought about hiring a matchmaker to find me a woman: I have no problem meeting women and always have had a lot of dates. But, I came to a point where I was ready for something more.  I live in L.A. and work in entertainment where there are beautiful women everywhere, but there had been something lacking, and I was really looking for something special. I worked with my matchmaker, and she was great: she listened to what I was looking for and after my third match, we hit the nail on the head. I've been dating her for seven months, and I know there is something different about her.  I'm glad I did it.  It was a game changer for me.  

-Robert*, 45, Entertainment Industry (Film)

I was really hesitant to use a Matchmaker at first, but I am so glad that I took the plunge.  My Date Coaching Sessions have changed the way I approach dating in my every-day.  The personalized attention that the Matchmakers give me has been amazing.  I am being approached by more men in my every-day life and have more prospects than ever (coming from a place of supply instead of demand, as Cristina always says!).  I'm still in my membership, but already have had a lot of success.

-Danielle*, 25, Financial Adviser

2021 MATCHMAKER UPDATE: Danielle had two successes in her membership: the first relationship lasted a few months, but did not end up working out long term, but after a few more matches and membership upgrade, she is now happily in a committed relationship (they are discussing engagement!). 

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*All Member names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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