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What The Mandalorian Can Teach You About Dating And Marriage

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

This is the way.

By: Cristina Conti Pineda, Celebrity Matchmaker and Relationship Expert at Matchmakers In The City


*Spoiler Alert*

Powerful, driven, and independent, Mando, hero of Disney’s The Mandalorian (2019) has everything. He is his own boss, makes good money, has all the latest technology, and could take anyone in a fight. In fact, Mando sounds a lot like a Matchmakers In The City Bachelor! However, despite his souped-up ship and beskar armor, he feels empty inside. When baby Grogu comes into his life, he learns how to love. Initially he finds the child annoying and inconvenient, but he finds purpose through guiding and protecting Grogu. He makes it his mission to allow Grogu to thrive.

In a culture where children have become optional and disposable, we have a lesson to learn from The Mandalorian. Many people have a strange repulsion and then obsession with children. With birth control, people spend thousands of dollars to avoid kids, then they frantically use IVF to have them. People see children as burdensome, getting in the way of their missions, but if you feel that way, you might consider re-examining your mission. Are you truly helping the human family? People love recognition, but if you find that you only seek self-aggrandizement, it will fail to give you peace and lasting happiness. Maybe your mission looks differently than you thought that it would.

To help Grogu find his kin, Mando brings him to a seeing stone that sends out the force to any existing Jedi to locate him. After Mando places Grogu there, at first, it seems pointless, but then a cylinder-like forcefield emerges that Mando, even with his armor, fails to break despite impending danger. Each child has an awesome life force like Grogu on the seeing stone that needs protecting. They bring joy, and yes, suffering, but what is life without them? You might ask yourself, what if your parents decided to prevent having you?

The bravest, most joyful people are those who say “yes” to children, “yes” to adventure, “yes” to life. It takes adjusting, learning, and feels like you have undertaken a Ph.D., but you learn to be selfless while still loving yourself appropriately. If children drain you, consider creative ways of getting help that suit your goals. For instance, during certain jobs, Mando needs a babysitter, but often Grogu’s powers save the day when he comes along.

Throughout the series, Mando is transformed from a wandering nomad taking all jobs, even nefarious ones, to a purposeful force fighting for good. Mando meets a Jedi who he chooses to train Grogu. The Jedi translates Grogu’s words and says that Grogu feels that Mando is a father to him. Gifted teachers sometimes unlock the potential of children, but parents are the most important teachers. One of the most poignant scenes in the series occurs when Mando holds Grogu as he sleeps before he thinks that he will give him up to this Jedi. Thankfully, the Jedi refuses to train Grogu, so Grogu stays with Mando. Studies have shown that a married father and mother who love them provide the most stable environment for a child. If this is still possible for you, date to create a better future and world.

We may not be fighting Storm Troopers in outer space for a living, but in a spiritual sense, we fight demons in the mundane tasks of our everyday lives. Even changing diapers may prove more valuable to a soul than a Nobel Peace prize. Mando changed zero diapers that we know of, so it is hard to compare him with parents today. The challenges of modern-day parenting are difficult. Are you up to it? We were made for it. Good parents are the true heroes of the world.


Cristina (Conti) Pineda is Co-Founder and Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City. A frequent media guest, Cristina speaks on panels and gives talks about dating and relationships. Pineda is regularly featured on Relevant Radio's Trending With Timmerie, and on major entertainment networks like NBC, CBS, MTV, and the CW and in news outlets such as Forbes and The Huffington Post. Pineda has published multiple feature articles on Elite Daily,, and Entity Magazine among others. A former beauty pageant competitor, Pineda perfected the arts of beauty, fashion, makeup, and presentation. Pineda holds a master’s degree from Oxford University and an Executive Matchmaker Certification from the Matchmaking Institute. Lauded by Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker, as "the new generation of Matchmakers," Pineda has nine years of professional matchmaking experience, and has worked with professionals, CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and royals on their journey to finding love. Cristina was introduced to her husband by her sister and co-founder, Alessandra, and they were married in April 2017. They welcomed their first baby boy in October of 2020. For more, visit

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