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Is it Better to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

As consumers, we look to the internet to research things that we want to purchase. In addition to the convenience, it seems to ensure that we are getting good value for our money. This thesis holds true for most everyday items that we purchase, but it is a mistake to apply it towards everything, especially something as significant as an engagement ring purchase.

While the internet has a lot of information and can teach you the basic elements that go into determining the price of a diamond, it stops short of delving into the expert specifics and allowing you to see the diamond in person. This is where working with an experienced jeweler really comes into play. When you purchase an engagement ring from a wholesale diamond and jewelry company like ours, you have the assurance that you will actually get the best price while also being personally educated on the nuances that go into the composition of the diamond’s price. You will see and feel what you purchase rather than only looking at a video online of a diamond overseas. Those videos often hide many of the flaws of a diamond, for instance, if the inclusions and imperfections are less than ideal based on their locations, if the color of the diamond is weak and has a tinge of another material, or if there is a haze to the stone. Through working with an expert whom you meet and trust, you will eliminate the worry of buying such a stone.

We can teach you why a diamond is graded a certain color or clarity and what the certificate is missing or does not capture fully. Remember, you are buying a diamond, not just the certificate that tells you what the diamond is. You should see the diamond in person and make sure it captures and reflects light properly and has no inclusions that will bother you. An example we often see of people misunderstanding what they are looking at online is when they ask us why diamonds with larger carat weights sometimes look smaller than diamonds with less carat weight. Online websites typically steer you towards buying the larger carat weight instead of focusing on the measurements of a diamond. This is a key point in determining the true size and look of the stone. A diamond could have a higher carat weight simply because most of the weight is at the bottom of the diamond and completely hidden from the eye. Yet, a diamond with less weight could appear significantly larger depending on how that weight is distributed. The larger looking stone usually will cost the same, or even less, which is why they steer you towards the lesser stone that is more expensive. These peculiarities are not explained by online websites but are only taught through working directly with a jeweler who takes pride in teaching and explaining.

It makes sense to shop online for most goods; returns are easy, you can shop at hundreds of stores from the comfort of your house, customer service is often great, and prices are usually lower. However, the same reasoning as to why you purchase clothes or electronics online, cannot and should not be applied to buying an engagement ring online. We encourage people to look on the internet only to get an idea of the shape that they would like, or to gather what size, color, and clarity they prefer. When the time comes to make the all-important purchase, it is best to get the help and expertise of a company that has been doing it for generations.

Gabriel Can is the president and owner of Noble Diamond Inc., a professional loose diamond and fine jewelry company based in the heart of Los Angeles. His office is in downtown’s lavish jewelry and diamond district with a service area that knows no geographical bounds. Gabriel’s expertise ranges from professional custom designs for jewelry to and high-end solitaire diamonds that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. His merchandise ranges from a modest .50ct diamond to as large as incredible 30ct diamonds. Clientele that have sought his service include movie stars, artists, professional athletes, and celebrities alike. Gabriel has called LA home for the entirety of his life and is a graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California. The networking and business skills he gained while at USC have allowed him to grow the 20+ year-old company his father started into one of Los Angeles’ largest and most glamorous diamond and jewelry companies.

Noble Diamond Inc. is a specialty wholesale diamond and jewelry manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. Our company was founded over 20 years ago with the sole purpose of providing clients a personable diamond and jewelry buying experience while educating them on the world of jewelry. We pride ourselves on making sure the customer is well informed throughout the buying process so they are comfortable with our team and the product. Noble Diamond is a family run office in Downtown LA and serves customers spread throughout the United States as well as a few select international locations. Our firm was originally founded to provide the best quality products to retail jewelry stores that in turn sell product to the general public; however our latest endeavor is to bring our superior quality and pricing ability directly to you the consumer and thus eliminating the need for a middleman. Unlike most jewelry companies, Noble Diamond is the manufacturer of its own jewelry and obtains its diamonds directly from vetted sources that polish rough diamonds based on the laws of the United Nations and in full adherence with the Kimberly Process. This helps eliminate extra layers and ensures that our team is involved with every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing proper oversight and personalized care. We work directly with exclusive clients and make certain we provide them with the best merchandise for themselves and loved ones. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our family business has been providing jewelry stores and retail customers alike an unmatched experience when it comes to purchasing jewelry. We specialize in a face-to-face experience assuring you will be blissful with your diamond and jewelry purchase.

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