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The 3 Most Romantic Hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area

Originally published at: Photo credit: Your Tango

Where to go to get away in NorCal...and fall in love!

By Cristina Conti and Jeremy Chandiyana

When you look closely enough, you can find opportunities for romanceeverywhere. As a professional Beverly Hills Matchmaker, one of my passions is creating these romantic experiences for my Clients. In any city that you travel to, there are always a few hidden gems, perfect little romantic getaways away from the bustling city, which can provide that subtle combination of peace and mystery that transforms what seems to be just another night into an unforgettable moment of pure magic. These are hotels straight from your childhood fairy tales, complete with just the right attention to the little things needed to spark that fire. Inspired by one of my Matchmaking business trips to San Fransisco, enjoy a few vignettes of the magical experiences that the city has to offer. After all, love is in the details.

The Garden Court Hotel

Downtown Palo Alto, CA

For Alice, one of her last nights of vacation strolling by the cobblestone streets around the Garden Court Hotel became one of her first nights in a series of unexpected, and unforgettable, romantic dates. As she enjoyed the serene glow of downtown Palo Alto in the late hours, Alice met a curious stranger, under the soft-yellow bask of these Victorian street-lights. Charmed by his gentle approach, the two enjoyed a spontaneous moment together walking through the peaceful streets.

A night like this, the man offered, required nothing more than dimly lit candles and quality wine. And so the two found themselves around the corner in Vino Locale: a beautiful, quaint Victorian wine-house. Underneath the white patio, small conversation grew into an intimate exchange of details. When it was time to walk back, they were surrounded by the Garden Court Hotel’s French doors and its beautiful Mediterranean architecture. They knew: this was something special. It was an impeccable night for Alice at the hotel: from the spot-on 24-hour in-room dining service to the angelic elevator operator, she was mesmerized with this more-than-life fairy tale playing out before her eyes.

Back in her room, Alice enjoyed a moment of simple relaxation soaking underneath bubbles and aromatic delights of Molton Brown Spa Products provided by the hotel. Out of the tub and into the warm and luxurious, toe-curling bliss of complimentary robes and slippers, it was all smiles for Alice. Of course, when she looked in the mirror and reminisced about the night, the floss that the hotel had provided ensured her of the minty-fresh confidence that her smile had radiated with Mr. Right.

Who knew that a getaway like this could bring something more than escape?

The Four Seasons

San Francisco, CA

To the young and ambitious, mornings are often filled with new challenges to conquer. But for Connor, an up-and-coming stockbroker on a business trip to San Francisco, a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel led him to a different kind of challenge.

While enjoying his usual rigorous morning regimen in the luxurious indoor swimming pool within the Four Seasons, Connor caught the eye of an attractive woman racing along the swimming lane next to him. Quick glances turned into a smile or two.

As a young but thoroughly experienced man in both life and business, Connor knew that the world favored the bold. Seeing the young woman rise from the pool, standing with straight elegance against the glass wall overlooking the busy streets below, he knew that this was an opportunity, a challenge, to perhaps turn this routine business trip into something more.

A conversation revealed that the two had a connection: a passionate interest in the arts. In the busy excitement of this spontaneous interaction, Connor invited her to continue their sparkling conversation in a more appropriate venue: the Hotel’s art collection. Was it luck that the Four Seasons had an outstanding contemporary art collection? Or were the perfect convenience of these paintings, sculptures, and works of glass done by California-based artists a sign that Connor’s bold decision to act on his attraction be something more than chance? Whatever it was, a walk around the hotel’s beautiful art collection turned into drinks within the hotel’s sleek and stylish MKT Restaurant and Bar. Nothing like wine and the smell of dark oak to elevate a moment like this into an experience to remember. When the pieces are set, the world does favor the bold.

The Fairmont

San Francisco, CA

Although George and Elissa had been happily married for 19 years, their lives had weighed on them. As the two approached their twentieth anniversary, it was time for a rekindling and reminder of the very thing which brought them together: their love.

When the two first walked through the noble doors of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, it was love at first sight. The beautiful grand lobby offered a rich and historical, classic beauty reminiscent of what hotels used to be, what hotels should be. From the very onset, the two of them looked at each other and realized that they were right where they were supposed to be.

After a long day exploring local attractions, from Coit Tower to the De Young Fine Arts museum, it was time to relax and unwind. So our lovable couple took a visit to the Tonga Room, The Fairmont’s Hawaiian fusion restaurant and bar. It was a wholly unique experience for the two; the old indoor swimming area turned restaurant and tropical oasis, complete with a centralized pond and live music, rain, thunder, and flashes of lightening invigorated them with a new sense of youthful energy. And of course, service was beyond excellent!

A few drinks in, it was time that George and Elissa had a moment of privacy. What could be a more perfect place to enjoy and cherish their newly rekindled love for each other than a quiet, dignified rooftop view? With the San Francisco sunset behind them, it was there and then that George took a knee before the love of his life, Elissa, and renewed his vows.

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