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3 Ways To Bring The Best Of 'The Bachelor' To Your Dating Life

Originally published at: Photo credit: Your Tango Here's the thing about reality … it can be SO much better than TV.

I spent twelve of my most formative dating years watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette every week with various groups of my #BachelorNation besties. I have laughed with Chris, cried with Jason ("The Mesnick" is still one of my all time favorite Bachelor maneuvers), and screamed at Wes (#TeamJillian forever).

As a personal Matchmaker in Beverly Hills, it is one of my lifelong goals to make every woman get the chance to experience what it feels like to date on The Bachelorette. And the best thing about reality is that it's sometimes so much better than TV.

Here are 3 ways to date like you're on The Bachelor:

1. Date 25 Guys At The Same Time.

Okay, maybe 25 is a bit too many to juggle at once, but the beauty of our generation is that it is socially acceptable to date around and not automatically be in an exclusive boyfriend-girlfriend relationship after the second date.

This can seem like the kiss of death to many of our commitment-loving Bachelorettes of Beverly Hills, but I am challenging you to turn this around and embrace it. There are so many attractive, eligible men out there, and there is no rush to start a serious relationship immediately.

Whatever your preferred method of meeting men is (I suggest working with a personal Matchmaker), make sure that you schedule a few dates over the course of a month with a few different men.

Dating a few guys at once helps you come from a place of supply instead of demand and helps you approach the whole dating scene with a more light-hearted, fun-loving attitude. Even if you really, really like a guy, go on a one-on-one with another that you are maybe not smitten with just yet.

All you'll need is a rose ceremony.

2. Work With A Personal Matchmaker.

Working with a personal Matchmaker can transform your dating life from Flavor Of Love to The Bachelorette.

I am a personal Matchmaker in Beverly Hills, and the idea of taking The Bachelorand The Bachelorette experience from TV to reality is what founded our company, Matching Up.

We work with both Bachelors and Bachelorettes and introduce them to the most eligible men and women in the land who are looking for love and, most importantly, are in it "for the right reasons."

Some Matchmakers, like us, plan all of your dates (we have done everything from sunset wine tastings to gondola rides fully equipped with a singing Gondolier ... #AMAZING).

When you are working with a Matchmaker, our job is to find you men who have great careers (No "Dog Walkers" here!), have been background checked so you don't have to worry if he has a girlfriend back home, and have been social media checked so there is no surprise Playboy-photo-reveal in your hometown.

Work with us, or go to for a referral to the best Matchmaker in your area!

3. Go On A Bachelor-Style Getaway.

Jetting off on a luxurious vacation is one thing ... doing it Bachelor-style is another!

We knew how much all of our Bachelors and Bachelorettes loved traveling, so we created a getaway to Rome and the Amalfi Coast fully equipped with witty Date Cards, personal matches from the Beverly Hills Matchmakers (your very own Chris Harrisons), love coaching during your journey (way better than the post-limo sob scenes), and starlit nights in the piazza that are the perfect backdrop to your personal love story.

Start picking out your most stunning, rose ceremony-worthy ball gowns and packing your suitcases for the most dramatic vacation EVER.

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