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where to meet successful men

How It Works

Top Matchmakers.  Curated Matches.  Fully Planned Dates. 

All-Inclusive Experience.


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Matchmaker in NYC
Top Matchmaker in NYC
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NYC Matchmaker
Matchmaker in New York City
Top Matchmaker near me

Step 1:  Sign up for free.


Fill out your free profile either online or through the App for our eyes only.  Each profile is 100% confidential with no public online profiles.  Our team personally reviews each profile within 48 hours.  It only takes 2-minutes... what do you have to lose?

Step 2: Meet a Matchmaker.


We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a meeting with you and a member from our team to learn more about you, what you are looking for, and discuss the different options of membership with us.  Although setting up this meeting is free, be prepared to spend $100 minimum, as our Memberships begin at $100. 

Step 3: Begin your experience.


After a full Best Match Interview, love-life-changing Date Coaching with the Matchmakers, and sessions with our Experts, you will be ready to meet your matches!  Just give us your schedule, and we do the rest.  We hand-pick, interview, background check, and social media check the most eligible Bachelorettes or Bachelors in your area.  After we have selected our top matches for you, we plan every element of your dates.  It's the way falling in love should be: seamless and romantic.    

Be the star of your own romantic adventure...

leave the details to us.

Matchmaker in Beverly Hills
Top Matchmaker in LA
Matchmaker in Los Angeles
Celebrity Matchmaker
Top Matchmaker in LA
Jewish Matchmaker
Matchmaker in Beverly Hills
Top Jewish Matchmaker
Top Matchmaker in Los Angeles
Matchmaker in Los Angeles
Jewish Matchmaker
Top Matchmakers in Beverly Hills
LA Matchmaker
LA Matchmaker
where to meet upscale men
Top Matchmaker in LA

How It Works Behind The Scenes...

Explained by The Matchmakers:​

Working with Matchmakers In The City is definitely a love-life changing decision, and we are so excited that you are thinking of working with us.  When you sign up, the first thing that you do is your in-person Best Match Interview and Personality Assessment with one of your Matchmakers.  During this in-depth, private, one-on-one meeting with one of your Matchmakers, she will learn all about you: from who you find attractive in the public eye, to your favorite travel memories, to how many children you want to have.

After your Best Match Interview and Personality Assessment, we have an internal preparation phase where we assess and then aggregate all of the potential matches for you as a team.  We identify key character and personality traits that would compliment yours, outline the physical aesthetic that you find attractive, and create a prototype of what an ideal partner would be based on our analysis, observations, and assessments.  We look at all of these different qualities and then confer with our team to develop a plan of action to find what we are looking for.

Depending on the Priority Member who we are scouting for, our team goes to targeted events around town (i.e. a Lawyers and Philharmonic Society event, a Doctors Without Borders Event, a Fashion Week Show, etc.), all with the sole purpose of finding and meeting the attractive, successful, single men and women in the room who fit within the parameters of our ideal match for you.

In addition to having an in-house recruitment element of our jobs, the Matchmaking industry is extremely tight-knit and collaborative, and we partner with a number of the top Matchmakers around the world.  We notify our partners of what we are looking for, and see if their Clients fit the bill.  We also take a look at our internal private database of Members to see if your ideal partner is already doing a membership with us!

Once we have a number of prospects lined up for interviews, the actual matchmaking begins!  We interview, background check, and social media check each Member, and ultimately select your matches based on this process.  It’s absolutely a team effort, a methodical process, and one that is as old-school as it gets.

Once we have made our selection of your best match, we plan every detail of the date.  If you are anything like our Members, you are a busy person, so we take care of selecting a location and cross referencing your schedules so that you do not have to go back and forth with each other.  Once we have made all of the preparations, you will meet your match and enjoy getting to know each other!  After each one of your dates, you will have a private Date Coaching meeting with one of your Matchmakers to make sure that we are troubleshooting everything throughout your experience with us.  We are on your team and are always making sure that your feedback is being heard and implemented as we select your upcoming matches.  We also love to consult you throughout the process; we may get important feedback from one of your matches that may help you to have more successful dates as we move forward.  All of the Matchmakers here are compassionate, caring, and truly have your best interest in mind.

Our memberships are six months long to a year and a half, but you may meet a love match before then.

We are excited to meet you.  We know that this is a new and different way of doing things, but after 9 years in business, countless marriages, and even a number of Matchmakers In The City babies, we know that this works. 


XOXO, The Matchmakers

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