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A Matchmaker Reveals The Best Dating Tips To Steal From 'The Bachelorette'

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

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As a professional matchmaker, I consider watching “The Bachelor” franchise to be professional development. I grew up watching the show and even find myself making references to it throughout my workday.

Although it's generally viewed as a guilty pleasure by most people, there are tons of lessons that single ladies can take from Bachelor Nation to make your dating life better.

Steal these matchmaker-approved tips next time you find yourself in a dating rut:

Date multiple guys at once.

Dating 25 guys under one roof may be a bit excessive, but I always advise the bachelorettes I coach to come from a place of supply instead of demand.

I know how tempting it is to fixate on that one amazing guy you just went on an incredible date with, but it's important to put him into perspective.

He might be awesome. He might even be the one. But after only a single magical date, it is nearly impossible to tell if he is dating you for the right reasons.

Keep your options open, and don't stop searching until you're exclusive.

Group dates can be a bit dreaded on the actual “Bachelor,” but they can actually be a fantastic low-key option to get to know new guys in a relaxed setting in real life.

Organize a group activity and tell your girlfriends to each invite a single guy friend they have friend-zoned.

Make it a Facebook event, and separately text your girlfriends your master plan on how to aggregate different single guys.

Google different activities and events — like wine tasting or a day trip snow tubing — that are happening around your area. And make sure you get to know all the different guys at the outing.

There is no pressure at all to have a love connection any of them, but group events are a great way of seeing how your personality meshes with different guys without the potential awkwardness of going on a one-on-one with a stranger.

Cast your love life.

If you are a successful girl boss and/or are in a financial place to do so, I highly encourage hiring a matchmaker to give you a real-life “Bachelor” experience.

Considering I am a professional matchmaker, I am a little biased. But I see the value of enlisting another person with your best interests at heart to introduce you to your person.

Working with a matchmaker is a fabulous experience because you are being matched with vetted men who have been personally selected for what you are looking for in terms of lifestyle, education, religion and more. They even perform background checks.

At my company, for example, we take inspiration from “The Bachelor” and plan all of the dates for our bachelors and bachelorettes.

Ask your friends to introduce you to someone.

If you can't afford to work with a matchmaker, ask a few trusted and generous friends to play matchmaker for you.

Try making a game of it: Any friend who brings you a quality guy can get brunch on you. This ensures no one will bring you a dud.

Get out there and use these dating tips to find an incredible guy to give your final proverbial rose.

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