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The Disney Princess Theory

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

By: Alessandra Conti, Matchmaker

Being a Matchmaker in Beverly Hills, I get an unadulterated look into the male mind every day, and have worked with and interviewed hundreds of the most eligible bachelors in the world. As a Matchmaker, I see certain industry trends and tell tale signs of whether or not a match can survive the long haul. With each success story that we document (Matching Up has an 86% success rate), an interesting trend continues to baffle our company. And I couldn’t help but wonder: does the key to a man’s perfect match lie within his favorite Disney Princess? And if you’re an Ariel but your boyfriend is a Jasmine man, will you ever really be a part of his world?

At Matching Up, each of our Clients and Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Beverly Hills go through an intensive interview also known as their BMI (Best Match Interview). In this interview, we ask a variety of questions ranging from political affiliation to travel preferences (first class or private jet?). Some questions we see as “Deal Breakers” (aka marriage, kids, and religion). Others we selected to be fun ice breakers to help the Client relax (Celebrity crush, favorite movie, etc). Asking men their favorite Disney Princess was certainly not intended to be a deal-breaking question. But, once we cross analyzed the data of successful matches verses non-connections, we found that in an overwhelming majority of our success stories, the male’s favorite Disney Princess resembled their selected Dater.

At first glance, this is quite the Freudian analysis, but the data simply does not lie. When dissected, the Disney Princess Theory makes sense. Most singles (especially in Los Angeles) have a rough image of what their future mate will physically look like. Growing up, boys were exposed to the Disney Princesses in a more subliminal way than girls were. They were on the outside of this magical world intended exclusively for the luckiest of little girls. As youngsters, our future Clients were unconsciously exposed to this exclusive world. This beauty ideal was planted in our future Clients’ young, impressionable brains. Society consistently drilled that Disney Princesses were beautiful— every little girl in their class wanted to be one after all. Their preferences for a specific princess then developed due to a variety of nature and nurture circumstances, and viola. Twenty-five years later, it is one of the best determinants of a happily ever after.

A tip to the Bachelorettes: every man has a Prince Charming Switch that the right woman will be able to turn on. Many women come to us as super Alpha Women (also known as a “Boss”). Although I am a proud feminist and a Boss by nature, I urge women to understand that if we want men to act like Prince Charming (or Aladdin in my case), we need to give them the chance to do so. Let him lead. Let him take you on that magic carpet ride. Simply expect them to open the car door for you, pull out your chair, and walk on the outside of the sidewalk. As fabulous fierce females we need to band together and raise our expectations. If women make the concerted effort to expect chivalrous behavior from our men, women will experience a whole new world of dating. Unleash your inner princess and your Prince Charming will be just around the river bend. So, what should a Snow White do if she is dating a Cinderella man? Give him a taste of your apple lip gloss, and see if he falls under your spell. Or, visit us at Matching Up (, and we can find you another Prince Charming who won’t always be longing for a blonde who loses her glass Manolos at the club.


Your Fairy Matchmaker,

Alessandra Conti

(PS: I’m a Jasmine.)

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