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Matchmaker in Beverly Hills

Mark Shrayber, Uproxx

"There’s a lot more that goes into finding your perfect match than just swiping right and hoping for the best. That’s where the Conti sisters come in. They’re celebrity matchmakers - and they make love connections through their agency, Matchmakers in the City."

Top Matchmake in Los Angeles

Patti Stanger,

Millionaire Matchmaker

"Love the new generation of Matchmakers, our partners at Matchmakers In The City!  Run by my favorite sisters in Hollywood."

Matchmaker in NYC

Mia Lardiere, Celebuzz

"Alessandra and Cristina Conti, the Matchmakers In The City, have cracked the code on finding love offline (gasp!) through creating a personalized, luxurious, tested and proven process for their clients in Beverly Hills, New York, and all across the globe."

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