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An update from our Matchmakers:


We hope that you and your families are in good spirits and health during this challenging moment in history.  We are excited to let you know that in 9 years of business, we have never been busier! 


We also recognize a few of the reasons behind our membership increase, and wish, of course, that we were thriving under different circumstances.


That said, finding a partner has never been more essential, and we are happy to report that we have seen multiple engagements and marriages over the COVID months; something that our team of Matchmakers is incredibly proud to have facilitated. 


Even through quarantines, stay at home orders, social distancing, and restaurant closures, our members haven’t forgotten that connecting is vital to mental health.  In fact, finding a partner holds an even higher importance during these times where people are encouraged to isolate. A lot of our members were feeling burned out on apps and online dating, and we’re happy to be a successful alternative for professionals looking for an authentic connection. 


With the new restaurant closures in some of our service area cities, we wanted to update you with the precautions that we are taking to assure the health and wellness of our current and future members.


There are two options for dates in service area cities that are still experiencing COVID indoor and/or outdoor dining closures:

Option #1: An Outdoor, Socially Distanced Date

Option #2: A Virtual Date

See all of the details below!

For 9 years, our matchmaking mission has always been to connect like-minded people who are successful in their careers and genuinely ready for love and partnership.  Our team of Matchmakers looks forward to continuing to work with incredible members for many years to come.


We are sending you over the biggest virtual hug during this time, and we can’t wait to matchmake you!



The Matchmakers In The City Team 

Image by Kin Li


Our members have the opportunity to meet their dates in person with social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC, and go on a date in the great outdoors! Not only does this allow singles to go on in-person dates again, but with the change of scenery, it's a great way for both of members to stay active, build their immune systems, have fun in the unity of nature, and most of all, get to know one another on a more personal level... 6 feet apart, but still one-on-one. 

man riding bike with backpack

Some of the Outdoor, Socially Distanced Dates that we have planned include:

  • A stroll around the Botanical Gardens 

  • A Picnic Date

  • A Pumpkin Picking Date 

  • A Christmas Tree Farm Date

  • A Date at the Zoo 

  • A Date at the Driving Range

  • A Beachside Roller-blading Date


A virtual date is a fantastic option for you if you don't want to stop the search for your partner during COVID, but you are not comfortable meeting your matches in person just yet.  We still plan your date with your match, and treat it as if it is an in-person date, only it will be via Zoom. Your goal is to meet a compatible match for you, and we are happy to facilitate your introductions virtually.  All of this occurs in the comfort of your own home.

Working from a Laptop

What you need: A strong wifi connection, 2 hours of undisturbed time, a working Zoom account, a private location without any potential disturbances.  

Optional: a glass of wine.

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