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3 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

By Frances Tang, Contributor

So they say that the key to keeping the spark alive is trying new experiences, but realistically, how many of us have time to plan out “new experiences” let alone do regular date night? With our busy schedules, hobbies, friends, and even children, how much time do you spend one-on-one with your significant other?

The most common answer I hear is ‘not enough’. We know it’s important but fail to make it a priority. As a result of that, the spark dies, and you end up being that couple whose eyes are glued to their cell phones during dinner. Just kidding.

How can you prevent the elusive spark from dying?

Schedule time. We schedule out everything that is important in our lives: meetings, networking events, and lunches, so why not put one the most important things in your life on the calendar as well?

Think outside of the box (and clock) in terms of activities and time of day! Alone time doesn’t have to be at night. Try meeting each other for lunch in the middle of the day or checking out that new bottomless mimosa brunch spot that just opened up down the street. Time together also doesn’t necessarily have to be a meal. Does your significant other love comics? Spend some time together cozying up in the bookstore or at a local comic book store while looking for childhood favorites. Always been interested in archery? Take a beginners class together!

Plan ahead. Sometimes meetings get cancelled, friends flake out, and you and your significant other find yourself with some spare time. I know it’s tempting to sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows, but use this time to experience something together! Keep an experience bucket list (or jar with popsicle sticks, Google Doc, or sticky notes all over your bedroom wall) so when an idea strikes, you can write it down. That way you and your significant other will have a whole pool of ideas to choose from at a moment’s notice. Sometimes the best memories are the spontaneous ones you never saw coming!

Love the traditional dinner and a show date night, but tired of the same old restaurant? Just not into coming up with new ideas? Neither were any of my friends. After helping (male) friend after friend plan out dates, anniversaries and even marriage proposals, I realized that in today’s fast paced world, not many people have the time or knowledge to plan one-on-one time with their significant other. Not only is there a lack of time, but there is a lack of new, creative activities for couples. I personally have been to the same restaurant on three different occasions for three different first dates #ouch.

With a love of events, pop-ups and helping others, I launched Hush Experience. We design pop up date night, dinner party experiences specifically for couples who are looking for something adventurous, out-of-the-ordinary and unforgettable to do together. Each event promises an exclusive prix fixe menu by a local chef, live entertainment, crafted cocktails, great company, and a secret location. Only the time, day and theme of the event is revealed to guests.

Our upcoming event is AFTER DARK, and we would love to extend an invitation to all Matching Up readers. It will be a sultry, mysterious, and unconventional Valentine’s Day with a streak of romance on Friday, February 13th at a secret location in Orange County. As always, there will be food, entertainment, and cocktails with the exact location and details left a secret. Tickets are available at As a gift to Matching Up readers, please feel free to use the code “MatchingUpVIP” for half off tickets. We can’t wait to see you there!

Frances Tang is the founder of Hush Experience, a pop up date night company in Orange County, CA. You’ll often find her dancing (Tahitian or blues - she can’t hip hop to save her life), decorating a cake, modelling, or working on an event. She is a 5:30am gym addict and her favorite food is ice cream. After years of helping her male friends plan dates, she decided to combine what she loves best- events, food, entertainment and entrepreneurship- and launched The Hush Experience. Find out more at Follow the adventures of Frances on Instagram at @lafrancesdances.

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