Will He Love You Then Leave You?

November 19, 2013

By: Cristina Conti, Matchmaker


When choosing a man, pay attention to his participation in your community. Is he an integrated part, or does he serve and then leave? You want a man who will be the leader of your family. An indicator of this quality is if he is a leader in your community. Of course service is important, but you want a man who nourishes the community and truly cares for others instead of serving out of obligation. In Contemplative Prayer (1969), Thomas Merton warns us of the perils of individualism. He argues, “individualism resists summons to communal witness and collective human response to God” (108). We are called to share the love that we are given. Although they may seem active, men who cling to individualism rather than planting themselves within the community, settle for a superficial existence. They miss cultivating personal relationships with others and as a result stunt the development of their emotional capacity, the most necessary trait for your future husband.Now do your part, make sure that you become part of a loving community. It is only as strong as the collective strength of its members, so choose carefully. Choose a place that nourishes you, and in turn, you can help to grow.  We have the leaders of our community as our Clients and in our Bachelors of Beverly Hills.






Merton, Thomas. Contemplative Prayer. Garden City, NY: Image Books, 1969. Print.


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