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Matchmakers In The City was founded by sisters and celebrity Matchmakers, Alessandra Conti and Cristina (Conti) Pineda nearly 8 years ago in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.  Since its founding, Matchmakers In The City has expanded to multiple cities but remains a boutique matchmaking firm focusing on a private and personalized approach that all of our Matchmakers and team work hard to maintain.  Certified Matchmakers by the Matchmaking Institute through the New York Department of Education, our Matchmakers have worked with business CEOs, industry leaders, celebrities, and professionals looking for love.  

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Our Matchmakers are represented by GERSH Agency and have worked with major media outlets and organizations including:

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Meet Our Founders


Matchmakers In The City was co-founded nearly 8 years ago by sisters and Celebrity Matchmakers, Alessandra Conti and Cristina Conti Pineda.  The sisters lead the team of Matchmakers, and have been featured on MTV, CBS, FOX, The CW, and more. The sisters have been the personal matchmakers for CEO's, celebrities, royals, athletes, entertainment moguls, and industry leaders, and have been recognized by Forbes and Business Insider among others.

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Cristina (Conti) Pineda, MA, CMM

Celebrity Matchmaker & 

Dating Coach


Cristina (Conti) Pineda is Co-Founder and Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City.  After studying at Oxford University, Conti achieved her Master's degree.  Conti has published multiple feature articles at Elite Daily,, and Focus Magazine among others.  A former beauty pageant competitor, Cristina perfected the arts of beauty, fashion, make-up, and presentation.  With almost 8 years of professional Matchmaking experience, Cristina utilizes strategy and her critical eye while working with her Clients.  A Matchmaking Institute Certified Matchmaker and on the Board of Advisors for the Dating Experts Bureau, Cristina has worked with thousands of Clients.  Cristina’s extensive international experience contributes to her success as a personal Matchmaker.  Cristina was introduced to her husband by her sister and co-founder, Alessandra, got married herself in April 2017, and is enjoying life as a newly-wed!  Joanna Coles, former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, and now chief content editor of Hearst Magazines, featured Cristina's love story in her latest book, Love Rules.  For more, visit her Facebook page @CristinaConti,Matchmaker and

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Alessandra Conti, CMM

Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Coach


One of the most sought after Matchmakers and Dating Coaches in Beverly Hills, Alessandra Conti specializes in high-profile, celebrity matches, and has been the personal Matchmaker to A-listers, royalty, and a number of public figures.  Conti is a Matchmaker behind MTV's Are You The One, and is a frequent media guest. Conti is the go-to Celebrity Matchmaker for Vivica A. Fox's new show on CBS, Face The Truth, and has been featured on Celebuzz, The CW, and Fox News among others. A regular contributor for Elite Daily, Conti has published multiple feature articles about love and relationships at, Fox News Magazine, Bustle and a variety of other magazines and publications. With 8 years of professional Matchmaking experience, Alessandra has worked with thousands of single men and women and is versed in the fields of interpersonal relationships, body language, and lie detection. A Member of the Forbes Business Council and a Matchmaking Institute Certified Matchmaker, Alessandra has been recognized as one of the top influencers in the Matchmaking field. Alessandra previously had residences in London and Washington, DC, and now calls Los Angeles home. For more, visit 

Meet Some of Our Matchmakers


Our team of Matchmakers are trained in communications, psychology, recruitment, and more, and are educated by top universities including Harvard University, Oxford University, Columbia University, New York University, and more. 

Matchmakers In The City is certified by the Matchmaking Institute through the New York Department of Education.  Each Matchmaker works regularly with business CEOs, industry leaders, celebrities, and professionals looking for love.  

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Our Matchmakers are represented by GERSH Agency and have been featured on major media outlets and organizations.

Maleeza Korley, Matchmaker

Maleeza is a Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City. A British expat raised in a hamlet in sumptuous Cornwall, UK, Maleeza gained a BA in the Culinary Arts and Fine Hospitality. After a decade at the helm of a notable beauty styling agency, Maleeza elevated the careers of numerous aspiring creative artists transforming many into household names. In addition to producing glamorous high profile celebrity projects, she has introduced couples to the love of their lives and helped them thrive in their relationships. Through years of private Matchmaking and Date and Relationship Coaching, joining Matchmakers In The City was a lateral transition. A former competitive equestrian with a penchant for culinary delights and a lust for life, when not Matchmaking, Maleeza can be found enjoying one of her favorite pastimes: hiking, cooking up a storm, or reading a great book.

Heather Peterson, Matchmaker & Client Relations Manager

Heather is a Matchmaker and Client Relations Manager at Matchmakers in the City. She was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and from a young age exhibited an inquisitive approach to life. She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor and has studied and worked with numerous health and wellness experts over the past eight years. Before her move to Los Angeles, she worked at the Chopra Center. The wellness industry emphasizes a more holistic approach to daily life, this unique background allows Heather to offer her clients a fresh and authentic perspective rooted in mindfulness. She both empowers and encourages everyone to remove the barriers that prevent them from discovering their true selves. Understanding the steps required for connecting with the true self enables her to lead clients on the path to greater fulfillment in their relationships. She enjoys using social media as a platform for spreading awareness about love, life and spirituality. Heather spends her free time practicing yoga, meditating, communing with nature and connecting with family and friends.

Jade Kelley, Matchmaker & Client Relations Manager

Jade Kelley is a Matchmaker and Client Relations Manager at Matchmakers In The City. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jade brings her experience in Public Affairs and Business school to the team. With over 11 years of Public Relations and Marketing experience, Jade Kelley is a true professional in the agency world citing clients in many industries including tourism, food, beauty, and matchmaking. Jade’s love for networking, marketing, and maintaining effective two-way communication led her to switch career paths as a personal Matchmaker. When she is not in the MITC office, Jade enjoys wine-tasting, live music, attending art shows and spending time with friends and family. 

Claire Frederiksen, Matchmaker & Membership Manager

Claire Frederiksen is a Matchmaker & Membership Manager at Matchmakers In The City. Hailing from New Orleans, Claire brings her Southern charm and impeccable people skills to the team. With a Master's degree from Harvard University, Claire has studied and worked in many different industries including customer service, sales, marketing and entertainment. A true people person, Claire loves connecting people, learning about what makes them tick and finding ways to bring lasting love into people's lives. When she is not in the MITC office, Claire enjoys hiking with her dog, yoga, and exploring new spots in the city.

Bailey Peraita, Matchmaker & Membership Manager

Bailey is a Matchmaker & Membership Manager at Matchmakers In The City. A California native, brings her experience in journalism, communications, and fashion to the team. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a special focus on relational communication, Bailey is keen and intuitive with finding matches. Understanding how relationships form our identity and affect our well-being led Bailey to guiding others in her own unique philanthropic way. Bailey spends her free time traveling, painting, golfing, collecting rings, making memories with friends, and being a dog mom to her poodle Bruno.

Daliya Karnofsky, Dating Coach & Matchmaker

Daliya is a Matchmaker and Dating Coach at Matchmakers in the City. An esteemed Matchmaker and Dating Coach who has worked privately for years with men and women on their journeys to love, Daliya brings a success-oriented mindset when she works with her clients.  Armed with a Masters Degree from New York University (NYU), Daliya's extensive education assists her in working with a variety of personality types.  She utilizes her intuitive nature and attention to detail to select the best matches.  The co-host of the hit Hollywood show "All My Single Friends", Daliya loves to use social events to help introduce singles. Daliya has also toured the country with her love advice and baking show, using baking to coach her audience members through their romantic obstacles and queries. Daliya’s years as a performer, personal Matchmaker, and Dating Coach make her an expert in finding the joy in dating. Her clients love her for being encouraging and giving them the confidence to move forward with exploring the dating world and validating their decisions and feelings around it.  When she is not helping her clients find love, Daliya can be found baking, cooking, dancing, and eating with any and all of her favorite people (and puppies!).

Jenny (Applebaum) Jacobs, Matchmaking Consultant

Jenny (Applebaum) Jacobs is a Matchmaking Consultant at Matchmakers In The City.  Jenny is a collaborative Matchmaker with Matchmakers In The City, which drives her mission to bring more quality singles together.  

Jenny spends time planning and hosting various social and educational events and seminars, including workshops with knowledgeable speakers and experts, speed dating parties, interactive mixers, Shabbat dinners, weekend retreats, and more. 

Laura Goldberg, Matchmaker

Laura is a Matchmaker working with Los Angeles and New York City members with Matchmakers In The City.  She is an Ivy League graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University in New York City.  Prior to working as a Matchmaker, Laura was a successful Recruiter and honed her people reading skills.  Laura has been happily married for 10 years so she knows a thing or two about sustaining a long-term, growth-inspiring relationship.  She is intuitive and an attentive listener, able to read between the lines and see the true selves of her Clients and their matches.  Laura has lived in Santa Monica, New York, Tucson, and Miami Beach.  She currently resides with her husband and two children.  When she’s not matching amazing couples, you can find her at an amusement park with her family, dancing in her kitchen, or meditating.

Natalie Garavelli, Matchmaker & Stylist

As a Matchmaker and Membership Manger at Matchmakers in the City, Natalie Garavelli brings her southern charm and her vivacious flair to this magical team.  Natalie has worked with hundreds of MITC Members through Matchmaking, Date Coaching, Image Consulting, and Relationship Advising.  Through previously working in the entertainment industry, casting, and in a various managerial positions supporting top companies in Hollywood, Natalie brings her organizational skills, knowledge of communications, and love for bringing people together to the MITC team.  When Natalie is not in the MITC office, she can be found at a lounge listening to live music, biking on the beach, at a bowling alley, or dancing like nobody's watching.  No matter what the location may be, the conversation is always the same: how can she help singles better understand who they want to be in a relationship and who they desire to be with.  Natalie loves sharing her laughter, genuine care and natural intuition with the lovely Bachelorettes and Bachelors of Matchmakers In The City.

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Meet Our Team

Matchmakers In The City is a Certified personal Matchmaking company with a highly skilled team operating in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area, New York City and the surrounding tri-state area, San Francisco, and London.  Matchmakers In The City is Certified by the Matchmaking Institute: The School of Matchmaking and Relationship Sciences, and a Member of the Dating Experts Bureau (D.E.B).  Both Matchmakers are Board Members on the Dating Experts Bureau Board of Advisors.  Matchmakers In The City, and each member of our team strictly follows the Matchmaking Institute's Certified Matchmaker Code of Ethics.

Matchmakers In The City is certified by the above certification bodies.

Maleeza Korley, Matchmaker
Maleeza Korley, Matchmaker
Claire Frederiksen, Matchmaker
Heather Peterson, Matchmaker
Bailey Peraita
Matchmaker & Membership Manager
Jade Kelley, Matchmaker
Daliya Karnofsky, Matchmaker
Jenny Jacobs, Consultant
Jenny Applebaum, Matchmaking Consultant
Natalie Garavelli, Matchmaker
Natalie Garavelli, Matchmaker and Membership Manager
Laura Goldberg, Matchmaker
Laura Goldberg, Matchmaker
Alessandra Conti, Matchmaker
Alessandra Conti, Co-Founder & Celebrity Matchmaker
Cristina (Conti) Pineda, Matchmaker
Cristina (Conti) Pineda, Co-Founder & Celebrity Matchmaker

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Our founders, sisters & Celebrity Matchmakers, Alessandra Conti &

Cristina Conti Pineda,

are recognized by

Forbes & Business Insider. 

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